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At the first design auction of the the Venduehuis der Notarissen in the Hague PeLiDesign will participate with 3 objects.

an especially designed object for charity, the ALTOIR (the revenue goes to ICEERS)

the prototype of the PlasticNature chair

the Radiolaria chair one off


The auction consists of three parts.
We start off with a large variety of design and decorative arts, from the
KPC de Basel’s beautiful designs from the beginning of the twentieth
century to the knotted chair by Marcel Wanders. But you will also find
Paul Schuitema’s special Syst-o-color edition and an exhibition poster by
Andy Warhol.
Additionally, we offer fourteen chairs designed by an equal amount of
Dutch designers. These chairs were previously offered for auction at the
Venduehuis prior to their makeover. The task set for our designers was
clear: be creative. The results deserve to be called unique. Every designer
has chosen a charity to which the auction proceeds will go. To maximise
the proceeds, the Venduehuis will not charge commission. PeLiDesign transformed the chair into an ALTOIR (see picture)

The auction proceeds of the PeLiDesign chair transformation will go to ICEERS .
Stichting Zetel has offered a collection of chairs for the final part of
the auction. Stichting Zetel is a charitable foundation that, as initiator
and catalyst of multiple projects, gives added value to the meaning and
development of chairs. Their collection consists of special and unique
pieces, which makes this the perfect chance for you, as visitor, to obtain
the most beautiful chairs. All are pieces that have never been taken into
production or of which only small series have been produced. You will have the chance to bring out your bid fro the prototype of the PlasticNature chair and the unique one of, the Radiolaria chair!


See you there…and raise your hand at the right moment!

dates, times and location:

Viewing 5 / 6 / 7 October 2012

10 am – 5 pm

Auction 10 October 2012
3 pm 20th Century design 1 – 148
7 pm Chairs for charity 149 – 162
Zetel collection 163 – 238
Live online auctions
Naturally, it is possible to bid LIVE online at the Venduehuis der Notarissen.
Wherever you are, you can follow auctions on our website with video and
audio and bid on the objects of your choice. Participation is easy: after
registering and accepting the auction terms and conditions you will receive
a confirmation, after which you may log onto our website. The screen will
show you the current highest bid and will allow you to participate in the
auction as well.
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