CLIClounge trespa

It started with an easy chair…
The CLICLOUNGER was conceived in 2004 when i was researching modernist furniture with its key stones multiplicity (industrial reproduction), clarity of use and function, absence of decoration and honesty of material.

Modernist furniture is exemplified in the crate-furniture of Rietveld which were the first do-it-yourself pieces.

I thought this through:
What happens if you make the whole thing from only one material?
What is needed to achieve this?

The answers lead to the CLICLOUNGER, they were as follows:

The construction has to consist only of the material, thus be made of this material.
the material has to be finished right away.

I used TRESPA, an HPL material very dense and strong with a durable top-layer, developed for Ahrend and now mainly used for facades of  buildings.

That was the birth of the CLICLOUNGER as it now is.
At first it was cut with a water-jet (as exposed in Milano at the Salone Sattelite 2006), later on when other pieces of the CLICFURNITURE were developed – they were cut with a CNC-mill…(presented at Milano 2007)

The future could be fully digital furniture where the customer only buys the file needed for manufacture, steps to the closest milling facility and lets his piece be produced locally on the spot.

An in this way ‘immaterialized’ product would cut down a lot on transport- and material costs, be very environmentally-conscious and above all it would broaden the freedom of design…