Pelidesign - HannekeWetzer-1


Traditional wood connections are a recurring theme in the oeuvre of Alexander Pelikan of PeLiDesign. His design “CoatRack” is a striking example of this. With simple wooden wedge connections, plank parts which would otherwise just be burnt (the so called sapwood), are assembled to form the elegant standing CoatRack. The edges of the wood are raw. This raw part and also the “wildness and imperfection” of the normally discarded wood works as an ornament of the object, it is no flaw anymore but becomes beauty… The remaining shavings of the production are a part of the up-cycling process, they were used by the company FungiFuturi to grow Shii-take and Oyster Mushrooms. PeLiDesign uses European oak to build the CoatRack (other sorts of wood upon request). All photos by Bas Berends except photo with nude model (Kirsten Swensen) by Hanneke Wetzer