CuriosityKitchen#1 at Triennale 2010
CuriosityKitchen #2 New York 2010 (1)
CuriosityKitchen #2 New York 2010 (2)
CuriosityKitchen #5 showcooking at Via Forcella salone 2010 (1)
CuriosityKitchen #5 showcooking at Via Forcella salone 2010 (4)
CuriosityKitchen #5 showcooking at Via Forcella salone 2010 (5)

Curiousity Kitchen

The CuriosityKitchen, a tasting furniture by Alexander Pelikan (PeLi) presented at Fuori Salone Milan and ICFF New York for Arpa, April and May 2010.

Sharing, conviviality, new way of socializing are the key words to identify the CuriosityKitchen.

It’s a new concept for a unique food experience. For me a kitchen is the heart of all communication and non-formal interaction. Food is shared but also ideas and experiences. With the CuriosityKitchen these social experiences become the central spot of the house again. Tasting and preparing food is a process that is going to become a magic moment if each ingredient is carefully selected. Every single gesture in the preparation of the dishes becomes a moment to share with the others.

Curiosity Kitchen is a space more than just a piece of furniture it gathers functionality of its worktop with manifold drawers and cavities from which highly refined ingredients, special liquors  and rare spices come out as from a magic hat. It appears always different thanks to its design. It teases different ways of interaction and reveals to expert eyes the genius that worked on materials to make it.

PeLiDesign led by Alexander Pelikan created a limited series of CuriosityKitchens. They are made of different woodsorts and Arpa materials: for example one furniture piece consist completely of Naturalia a new sustainable full core HPL, another CuriosityKitchen is made of thin laminate in classic natural colors combined with cherry wood. Two other CuriosityKitchens will be revealed one at the ICFF in may 2010 in New York (white laminate and Wenge wood) and one is still a secret…