We are proud to announce that we have been chosen to show our “A Machine’s Perception” door handle in Cologne during the international furniture fair in January 2015.

Here the exhibitors text with all the relevant info:

Bureau Europa, institute for architecture and design based in Maastricht, has joined forces with Dutch Design Exchange and is organizing the exhibition DOMESTIC AFFAIRS during the Köln Messe in Germany (19-25 January 2015). The exhibition takes place at Kunsthaus Rhenania, Bayenstrasse 28, 50678 in Cologne.

Designs in the 21st century are characterized by ‘horizontalisation’. Our demographic and monetary reality correlates to the way we organize, our political, financial and socio-economic landscape. Questions on various scales and levels on how to fundamentally reorient the organization of our society, result in the changing relationship and roles of all those involved; civil, private parties and an active input from the end user. This has; of course, affect on the agenda, the way of working within the domain of the design discipline. It is for this reason that a cultural institution and a foundation which mediates design have joined forces and question these issues at the heart of the interior fair in Kohl. Ideally our exhibition would create an opportunity to make stronger links between designers, industry and end-user.

Institute of Relevant Studies (Agata Jaworska & Giovanni Innella) are appointed as the curators for this project.

We blur our houses on digital street views, we build Faraday cages around our beds, we allow strangers to stay in our homes, we share what we eat, we earn cents for every click. Not only is our home a place to live in, it has also become a means to make a living, a place to engage, avoid or disrupt political systems and global economies. Through the home – its cables, satellites, windows and doors – we mediate our societal relations; we connect and disconnect, engage and retreat. Domestic Affairs explores the home as an interface for our social, economic and political lives.