Embracing Exchange

I will present the LifeShelf for the very first time to the public! Also on show will be the spectacular Glass CLICrocker and the Rotterdam table.

Come and see that! (I will be there on Saturday 2 of June 2018  for the opening (free entry)


Sixty top-design works from Cologne/Eindhoven/Maastricht

From 1 June to 10 June 2018, EMBRACING EXCHANGE presents 60 selected works of designers from the Cologne, Eindhoven and Maastricht regions. The ten-day exhibition will show state-of-the-art design from these three areas and will take place in the ‘Eiffelgebouw’ at the ‘Sphinxkwartier’. During the exhibition period, various events are programmed by a lively scene from the local creative industry.

The exhibition consists of six different ‘collections’ compiled by curators Maurer United Architects, Sabine Voggenreiter, Leonne Cuppen and Chequita Nahar. ‘Material Designers’ shows Eindhoven and South Limburg designers with the focus on materials. ‘Generation Köln’ shows a new generation of Cologne designers. ‘Space Invaders’ shows the work of Limburg (interior-) architects. ‘Southern Treasures’ shows the best alumni of the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design. ‘Jwls Jwls’ shows contemporary jewelry. ‘Images Imagined’ shows graphic works.
The exhibition takes place on the first floor of the ‘Eiffelgebouw’ and can be reached via elevator and stairs.
The entrance is free.

During the ten-day exhibition, additional program components will be organized on location for and by designers, companies, institutions, residents and visitors. For example, lectures and debates take place on current themes in the areas of ‘creative industry and heritage’, ‘culture and education’, ‘economics and internationalization’, ‘science and innovation’. The program cooperates with authorities in the surrounding Sphinx quarter, such as the Muziekgieterij, Bureau Europa, Forza Fashion House and the Maastricht-LAB.
See the website http://embracing.exchange for the current program.

The ‘Eiffelgebouw’ is a recently renovated, iconic factory complex of sanitary ware manufacturer Royal Sphinx in Maastricht. The building has an authentic industrial look and symbolizes the new urban character of Maastricht. The area development around it is in full swing, the post-industrial ‘Sphinxkwartier’ is getting more and more shape. Many creative entrepreneurs, showrooms and cafes are located in the area.

EMBRACING EXCHANGE aims to connect Dutch and German designers, makers and institutions. The multi-annual program focuses on design hotspots Eindhoven, Cologne and Maastricht. During the past four editions, EMBRACING EXCHANGE has reached 35,000 visitors. This has resulted in an interregional network of cooperating institutions.

EMBRACING EXCHANGE was initiated by Dutch Design Exchange Maastricht and Sabine Voggenreiter,organizer of Passagen Interior Design Week Köln. The project was realized with financial support from the Province of Limburg, the Municipality of Maastricht and Stadt Köln. Other partners are the designers, Maastricht Academy for Fine Arts and Design (MAFAD), the Dutch Consulate General Düsseldorf, Yksiconnect Eindhoven, Arcus College, Zuyd University, Bureau Europa and Van Eyck.

Grivec Bros, René Holten, Danielle Colson, Paul Koenen, José Maase & Mireille Meijs, Dirk Ploos van Amstel, Tanja Schell, Christoph Seyferth, Fabian von Spreckelsen, Caro Bruijnaers, Jeroen Wand, Riccardo Belli, Maarten Baptist, Kaspar Hamacher, Alexander Pelikan, Ellen Truijen, Françoise Oostwegel, Pao Hui Kao, Agne Kucerenkaite, Woodjai Lee, Daria Biryukova, Anastasia Eggers, Sabine Silaraja, Jessica den Hartog, Marleen Boot, Iris Claessens, Cas Driessen, Ghislaine Ortmans, Djillie Roes, Anna Davies, Miriam Harig, Boy Bastiaens, Albert Kiefer, Sarah Joy Zwarts, Gilles de Brock, Ted Noten, Chequita Nahar, Gabriel Guevara, Minou Lejeune, Elwy Schutten, Anne Buescher, Jeannette Jansen, Sam Wammes, Anke Huyben, Marit van Heumen, Moniek Vierling, Marcia Neuner, Chrissie Pepels, Nina Khazani, Mona Hadinejad, Edmee Jongen, Imke Simons, Maurice Mentjens, interAlter, Channah Mourmans, Léon Nypels, Roel Derkx, Klemens Grund, Meike Harde, Tim Kerp, Thomas Schnur, Thomas Wiuf Schwartz

01.06.2018 – 10.06.2018 at ‘het Eiffelgebouw’
Petrus Regoutplein/Boschstraat, Maastricht
free entrance