at the foundry Sill Brink loading the melting pot
making of the wax bucket photo by Fieke van Berkom
welding photo by Fieke van Berkom
wax bucket
 wax bucket handle detail
at Sill Brink's foundry casting the UnBearable champagne coolers
at the foundry of Sill Brink
at the foundry of Sill Brink

making of UnBearable

The initial 3 champagne coolers were made in the summer of 2011. We started to cast wax plates which we then bent and welded. From these wax plates we produced the buckets…they were then transformed by me so they have the ripped open handles…

A couple of weeks later sill Brink a skilled bronze caster took over to make lost wax molds and with the casting I helped again.

But now the real work started. because we had to sand the inside of the coolers…that was very laborious we started with sanding paper grad 100 and worked up until paper 800…then we polished it with several steps of hand polishing until we arrived at a mirror surface…

The outside is oxidized. In- and outside is preserved with a thin wax layer.