I knew a girl, she liked cookies but never could reach them because they were on the top shelf – now she has the Paternoster

The Paternoster connects different levels. But instead of climbing up to get what you desire, you make the stuff come to you – by way of the same climbing movement.

The Paternoster is an intricate little mechanical cupboard – completely hand powered,
no motor is involved.

The Paternoster consists of nine separate compartments (cells) which are bridging a total height of 320 cm. Each cell hangs in a rail-system. The rails guide (let circulate) the cell over an oval course.

By pulling on the handle of a cell you start the movement of the whole system – in a circulating manner, along the course of the rails.
You grab the handles of the following cells – performing a climbing motion with your hands, the stuff you stored comes to you. The better you distribute the weight of the stored items the easier the movement goes.

To prevent all the single cells from overturning an intricate switch system (by way of different depth of rails and corresponding axis lengths) was applied in the Paternoster.