BOOM chandelier PeLiDesign photo by Bas Berends (1a)
Boom Chandelier poster
BOOM chandelier PeLiDesign photo by Bas Berends (5)
BOOM chandelier PeLiDesign photo by Bas Berends (6)

The BOOM Chandelier

some time ago a client came to us with the question if we could create a chandelier for his private residence…

The brief was to create a chandelier to be a central node of the house, connecting the different floors visually, above that the chandelier should be very functional, unique and smart.

We accepted the assignmet… My goal was to go a rather unconventional way and work with ‘poor’ materials and create functionality and finally beauty only through the use of as little material as possible and smart construction.

Because I am a big admirer of transformative festivals, of outdoor life and the (harsh) romanticism of nomad living, I found inspiration in ‘tents’ (sheep herders tents, hi-tech expedition tents, festival tenst)…and that made also the name pretty clear…BOOM chandelier, named after the BOOM festival (with their main tent of 2012)

The BOOM chandelier is more than 200 cm tall and about 100 cm wide. We were sewing 50 separate sails made from ICAREX kite-cloth (ultralight/super strong). We 3D printed a core which holds the electrics and where all the struts are connected. We assembled all this in a laborious team effort. The LED lighting included in the chandelier is dimmable, for the lighting function,  all whites are possible from cold to warm… Above that all other colors are programmable (easily from your mobile device with an app in the blink of the eye).